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Digital, an important component of our daily lives

Digital is following an exponential race these days, as new technologies are rapidly intruding into our lifestyles and our environment. Its integration into daily tasks and transactions thus becomes a necessity to meet the needs of the population.

Clearly, companies all over the world must meet the needs of their customers who are increasingly dependent on digital. Indeed, digital transformation has become essential in the realization of a large part of the transactional tasks.

To obtain further clarifications, Mehdi Benbachir, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Retail at Société Générale, participating in the 5th edition of African Digital Summit, answered our questions well based on the bank’s own experience.

MoroccoLatestNews Fr: How do you support your employees to better understand the digital world?

Mehdi Benbachir: As part of the transformation that we started at the level of the bank, several years ago, a very important component which is the digital transformation and which comes to accompany all this change in the needs of our customers. But this transformation can only be done with and thanks to the bank’s employees who, themselves, must be initiated into this digital transformation.

What we have done is that we have created a very specific support program for employees in the network. We have appointed more than 50 people in the network as digital ambassadors who are themselves trained in digital transformation and its challenges and who come to support the strength of the network in understanding these challenges and therefore in implementing the digital strategy. globally at the bank level.

What is the added value of digital in the daily operations of your customers?

I think the answer is obvious. Today’s digital technology has created a certain immediacy and availability of the bank, which is 24 hours a day. Customers can now carry out their transactions remotely. The spectrum of operations is becoming increasingly broad and which allows the customer to have this relationship in any case on the transactional side, but also with the bank which is done remotely through digital channels and this is very important.

What should also be noted is that the branch network continues to exist, but it is beginning to have an increasingly relational vocation, a relationship with customers that is focused on advice. We combine the relational in an agency and the digital offer which allows us to carry out a good part of the transactional operations, but not only, there are also non-financial operations which are done through digital.

Would you consider 100% digitization?

Digital is taking a more important place in our daily lives, so clearly we will not be the exception and we will continue to support our customers according to their needs.

Now, what I would say to you is that there will be a large part of the services that will be digital and another part that will be very focused on advice, so services that we will be providing in the agency, so so that we can bring these two offers to life, both digital and remote, but also relational in the agency.

What message would you like to convey by participating in this 5th edition of ADS?

First, we are very happy to be a partner of the African Digital Summit. I think this is a very important event. As a banker or bank representative, we see an industry that is changing where digital transformation is taking up much more space.

We had the chance to start it several years ago, because we were convinced of the need to transform our relational models and to integrate even more digital offers into our customer offer in general. The Covid-19 has accentuated this need for the client and therefore reinforced our conviction and our strategy.

Today, we can see it, whether through our digital offer at application level or through our 100% digital banking offer “Sogé”. We have a respondent who is very favorable on the part of our customers, it is an offer that meets a certain number of needs, more proximity, instantaneousness, and which reinforces our global offer of universal banking which requested by our customers.



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