Diesel returns above 13 DH per liter

After the government’s decision to grant an exceptional subsidy to professionals in the transport sector, the price of fuel rose again this Sunday, March 27, due to the soaring price of a barrel of oil on the international market.

The price of 13 dirhams per liter of diesel was feared by the majority of Moroccans who travel for their work using their own vehicles. In the space of two weeks, the price of diesel has increased by just over one dirham, crossing the threshold of 13 dirhams in several cities. Casablanca service stations display prices fluctuating around 12.96 dirhams per liter of diesel.

The price of gasoline remained unchanged, around 14.16 dirhams per litre. The increase in the price of diesel is linked to an unprecedented rise in the prices of several basic foodstuffs (vegetables, oil, etc.), in connection with the drought situation in Morocco and the consequences of the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Faced with this situation, the government undertakes to grant direct financial aid to transporters, the amount of which varies from 1,200 to 6,000 dirhams depending on the type of transport (passengers, goods, tonnage, etc.).

The government has chosen the financial institution of Al Barid Bank to centralize the distribution of this support, scheduled from the first week of April. In addition, the National Federation of Owners, Traders and Managers of Service Stations in Morocco (FNPCGSS) calls, in a statement released on Monday 28 March, the government to create measures to support service stations and help them to secure a stock of security by avoiding a financial imbalance of these. The Federation added that “the cost of fuel supplies has increased by more than a third, which has forced the majority of service stations to go into debt to cope with the increase in operating costs”.



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