Detainees allowed to receive the food basket on the 2nd day of Aid

On the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, detainees in all prison establishments in Morocco will be authorized to receive food baskets from their families, starting on the second day of Eid for duration of one week, according to the schedule established by the administration of the penitentiary establishment.

In a press release, the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR) specified this Thursday, June 30 that foreign prisoners are also concerned and will be able to receive baskets of foodstuffs from the diplomatic and consular corps during the same period.

Thus, this decision comes on the occasion of the advent of Aid Al-Adha and in accordance with the decision of the DGAPR to exclude religious celebrations from the basket ban, also taking into account “the importance of this religious celebration and its impact on the morale of prisoners”, Management pointed out.

However, the DGAPR made a point of specifying that the families and relatives will be able to hand over the basket containing sufficient foodstuffs for a maximum of two days. While the latter have been authorized to bring food baskets to the detainees, clothes, blankets or any other object is prohibited, as are visits, specifies the Delegation.

Ultimately, the DGAPR calls on all the families of the detainees to take this operation seriously and responsibly and to participate effectively in its success, in strict compliance with preventive measures against Covid-19.



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