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Details of the 12 cooperation agreements signed

Morocco and Portugal signed, Friday, May 12 in Lisbon, a total of 12 agreements covering various strategic areas. The objective is to consolidate their bilateral cooperation.

These agreements were signed during a ceremony chaired by the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, and by the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, on the occasion of the 14th High Level Meeting (HLM). They concern vital areas, in particular economic, energy, cultural, higher education, crafts, social solidarity and justice.

Here are the details of these 12 agreements:

Civil Protection Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the two countries: This agreement establishes the legal framework applicable to civil protection, which includes the protection of persons and property against serious accidents and natural or technological disasters, in accordance with the laws in force in both countries. It was signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans Residing Abroad, Nasser Bourita, and his Portuguese counterpart João Gomes Cravinho.

Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the Legal Field of Education and the Administration of Justice: This MoU, signed by the two Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Moroccan and Portuguese, defines the conditions for institutional cooperation in the legal field, training and administration of justice between the two Ministries of Justice and this through the exchange of information on legislation and case law, exchange of experience in this area, promotion of cooperation in the training of magistrates and judicial police officers, etc.

Memorandum of Understanding in the area of ​​housing development and encouragement in rural areas (signed by Bourita and Gomez Cravinho): This MoU aims to intensify cooperation between the two countries with the aim of developing partnerships in the field of development and promotion of rural housing through the exchange of experience and information and technical assistance. and social issues in the field of regional planning as well as the exchange of experience in the field of sustainable development in construction and renewable energies.

Application Program of the Cultural and Scientific Agreement for the years 2023-2024 (signed by Bourita and Gomez Cravinho): This Application Program presents a general framework for cooperation between the two countries in the fields of language, education, scientific and technological research, culture, communication, sports and youth.

Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Integration and the Family and the Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security: The parties agree through this MoU to develop their cooperation in the social fields in order to combat violence against women, improve the supply of services and care in Social Welfare Establishments (EPS), promote rights of children and people with disabilities, among others. It was signed by the Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills, Younes Sekkouri, and the Portuguese Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho.

Memorandum of Understanding in the field of Handicrafts and Social Economy between the Governments of the two countries: This Agreement, signed by the Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social and Solidarity Economy, Fatim-Zahra Ammor, and Minister Ana Mendes Godinho, aims to establish a legal framework for cooperation in crafts and social and solidarity economy through the exchange of experience and expertise in the field of vocational training and the development of craftsmen, the encouragement of professional partnership and the exchange of documentation.

Draft Application Program in the field of tourism for the years 2023-2025: This Program aims to promote cooperation between the two countries in the field of tourism through the exchange of expertise, know-how in tourism engineering, good practices on sustainable tourism and experience in in terms of setting up and operationalizing support mechanisms for VSMEs, the development of training and the qualification of human resources working in the tourism sector as well as the development of joint promotion actions in distant markets. Said program was signed by Ammor and the Minister of Economy and the Sea, Antonio Costa Silva.

Memorandum of Understanding in the field of Research and Development: This Memorandum of Understanding, signed by Mr.minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Abdellatif Miraoui, and the mminister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Elvira Fortunato, aims to define the terms and conditions of collaboration between the Parties in priority areas with high potential for partnership related to higher education, scientific research and innovation, through the promotion of academic and scientific cooperation, the development of exchanges and student mobility, etc.

Memorandum of Understanding in the field of environment and sustainable development: This MoU aims to develop bilateral cooperation in the field of the environment and sustainable development, environmental governance, energy transition, liquid sanitation and industrial depollution, etc., through the exchange of information. and visits, the reciprocal reception of trainees as well as any form of cooperation agreed by the two Parties. The MoU was signed by the mMinister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Leila Benali, and the mMinister of Environment and Climate Action, Duarte Cordeiro.

Memorandum of Understanding In the fields of Youth, Women and non-discrimination: The purpose of this signed MoU by the mMinister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohammed Mehdi Bensaid, and Deputy Minister and Parliamentary Affairs, Ana Catarina Mendes, is to develop cooperation in the fields of youth and women through the exchange of expertise and good practice, support for the governance of youth centers, the promotion of female entrepreneurship and the atomization economic and social status of women.

Draft Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Investment, Convergence and Policy Evaluation and the State Secretariat for International Trade and Foreign Investment: The purpose of this Protocol is to define the strategic orientations, the priority sectors and the methods of implementation of the collaboration between the Parties concerned, in particular with regard to the promotion and facilitation of direct investments between the two countries in the economic sectors. This protocol was also signed by the Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of Investment, Convergence and the Evaluation of Public Policies, Mohcine Jazouli, and the Secretary of State for Internationalization, Bernerdo Ivo Cruz.

Draft Cooperation Protocol in the port field between the National Ports Agency (ANP) and the Ports Association of Portugal (APP): The Protocol, signed by the King’s Ambassador in Lisbon, Othmane Bahnini, and the president of the Ports Association of Portugal, João Neves, aims to set up a framework to promote cooperation between the APP and the ANP to establish a system for exchanging experience and expertise and good practices allowing the Parties to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of port services and promote their respective port places.



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