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Despite rising support, transport professionals cling to post-Aid strike

Faced with the continuous rise in prices at the pump, nothing seems to deter freight transport professionals, for the moment, from backtracking on the strike they plan to carry out after Aid Al Adha, not even the increase in the financial support granted to them by the State.

So as not to disturb the smooth running of Aid Al Adha, the road transport unions are planning a strike just after the religious holiday, with the exception of bus owners who are still deliberating on the issue.

The reasons behind this escalation are logical and simple, according to the protesters. Thus, for road transport professionals, particularly goods, as long as the rise in fuel prices continues day after day, the support granted by the State cannot be sufficient to meet the burdens weighing on them.

Although the Ministry of Transport and Logistics announced on Tuesday that the government has decided to increase the value of the support granted to road transport professionals by 40%, during this 4th installment, for the latter it is not a question of that of “ diy solutions “.

Thus, the unions demand to sit down at the dialogue table with the government, in addition to the reduction of the fuel tax, even temporarily, and of the profit margins of the companies. Otherwise, nothing is acceptable to professionals.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsMounir Benazzouz, national secretary general of road transport professionals, indicated that the freight transporters had decided to strike after Eid al-Adha, stressing that ” government support is not enough, and what is needed is dialogue rather than unilateral decisions“.

The decision only serves the fuel lobbies. After the support, the price increase will inevitably return (…) No one is monitoring the situation closely. The whole of Europe has raised prices only once since the outbreak of the war“, notes the trade unionist, noting that the “ situation is difficult, of course, but it is immoral to declare a strike during Eid so as not to spoil the occasion for the citizens“.

For his part, Seddik Boujara, president of the trade unionist union of truck drivers affiliated to the Moroccan Labor Union (UMT) agreed with Benazzouz on the fact that the solution of financial support granted to professionals is ” DIY and that further price increases are expected, calling for the need to activate the refinery The Samirreduce taxes and profit margins.

Regarding the option of the strike, Boujara noted that it is indeed expected after Eid al-Adha, before specifying that the meeting which will make it possible to decide on the question will take place in the coming days. The trade unionist also felt that going on strike during the Eid period is ” inhuman noting that ” unions do not want to use citizens as a shield“.

For Boujara from the CDT, “ the damage is tangible for everyone, but not at the expense of customers“. In this sense, he called on the government and the oil companies to take their responsibilities and show patriotism during this stage by opening up dialogue and reducing profits.




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