Despite assured livestock quality, prices remain high

Despite assured livestock quality, prices remain high

More than a week before the Islamic world celebrates Eid al-Adha, scheduled in Morocco on Thursday, June 29. Thus, the Kssabas (sheep breeders) have already begun to display their finest sheep goods in the Souks of the Kingdom. For the prices, you will have to take out your wallet to be able to get one ” Mli7 ” (Good). According to the sellers, the prices are exorbitant.

To meet the national demand for sheep for Eid and due to the drought that has marked the country in recent years, Morocco has resorted to importing sheep from Portugal and Spain.

This operation is part of the measures taken by the government, namely the abolition of VAT and customs duties on livestock imports, in order to meet national demand this year on the occasion of Eid al -Adha“, told MoroccoLatestNews Abdelfettah Aâmar, importer in the Casablanca region, who has just received a shipment of sheep from Portugal.

Regarding the quality of livestock imported from Portugal or Spain, our interlocutor assured that it was good, stressing that it was exported to many countries, not just Morocco. He also claimed that this herd had undergone health checks to guarantee the health of consumers before their arrival.

Regarding prices, Abdelfettah Aâmar tells us that they vary between 1,500 and 2,500 dirhams per sheep, while the weight varies from 30 to 70 kg. ” Each citizen can therefore find his account and buy a sheep according to his budget“, he pointed out.

In Tangier, the prices are of another reality. Even the Kssabas admit that the prices are expensive this year compared to previous years. ” The prices are high. We were heavily impacted by the costs of transportation, grazing, etc. So I have to sell my sheep for a minimum of 4,000 dirhams to be able to recover a little“, confided a breeder from the Tangier region.

As for the inhabitants of this northern city, it’s a disaster in the souk. Prices are skyrocketing and there aren’t even any good sheep. Nothing but skin over bones. You must have 5,000 dirhams to claim to buy a good sheep“said a passerby in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews.

Another citizen told MoroccoLatestNews that this year, the poor will suffer enormously. A month’s salary will not be enough for them to buy a sheep. They should have saved 6 or more months ago to be able to afford a sheep today. A sheep of only 4 months costs 3,700 dirhams. It’s too expensive. An old sheep costs 7,000 dirhams. Please bear with us. We are not rich. We are working hard to be able to offer our families a sheep for Eid“, he concluded.


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