DEPF: Tourism receipts increased by 123.3% at the end of April 2022

The Department of Studies and Financial Forecasts (DEPF), has indicated that tourist receipts have increased, in one year, by 123.3% at the end of the first four months of 2022.

In its June 2022 economic report, the DEPF specifies that these receipts have reduced their decline from their pre-pandemic level to 36.3%, after -71.5% at the end of April 2021.

During April 2022, the third month after the reopening of national borders, tourism receipts continued to consolidate. This development should accelerate in the coming months, following the easing of travel restrictions, which came into force on May 18, 2022, and other government measures aimed at supporting and reviving activity in the sector.

In addition to the emergency program in favor of the tourism sector, the Marhaba 2022 operation was launched on June 5, 2022, with in particular its new facilitation measures and its extension aimed at offering the best reception and transit conditions to Moroccans. residing abroad.

Thus, tourist receipts thus firmed up by 329.7% in April 2022, after +529.8% in March and +25.1% in February 2022.

Cumulated over these three months, these receipts reached nearly 13.6 billion dirhams (MMDH), after nearly 4 billion dirhams a year earlier and 17 billion dirhams in the same period of 2019, marking a recovery rate compared to their pre-crisis level of 79.7%. For the two months of March and April 2022, this recovery rate reached 91.2%.



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