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Delay in implementing the January 14 agreement, the unions reassure

The agreement signed between the four education unions and the government, represented by the Ministry of National Education, still arouses the apprehension of a number of professional bodies representing education workers, on the fact that this agreement does not become “ ink on paper “. For their part, the signatory unions say that work is underway to implement this agreement, and that the statute will be adopted before the end of the current school year.

The prevailing apprehension among national education professionals, managers and teachers, stems from the lack of full disclosure of the details of the provisions of the agreement signed on January 14, in addition to doubts about its implementation. in the field.

This “ skepticism was expressed by Youness Raoui, member of the National Office of the National Association of Moroccan Teachers, who indicated that ” for two decades we have become accustomed to signing agreements without committing to implement their requirements “.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsthis trade unionist pointed out that certain provisions of the agreement signed in 2022 “ are only ink on paper, including the change of framework competition for primary and middle school teachers with higher degrees, knowing that the note organizing this competition was to be published before the end of December 2022 “.

Also, Youness explained that the aforementioned competition is now scheduled for June 2023, which he says raises “ more than one question about the credibility of the agreements signed between the unions and the ministry “, even if the latter remains under the tutelage of the head of government.

He also pointed out that many provisions of the April 26, 2011 agreement “ have been frozen and lapsed, and in the dustbin “.

In this sense, the trade unionist made a small comparison between the agreement signed between the education unions and the government, which according to him “ was vague and lacked specific details », and that signed with other sectors, considering that the government communications issued to them were clearer and more detailed.

In this context, Youness pointed out that the agreement signed with the health unions regarding the improvement of the status of doctors, included a clear statement of salary increases. “ A point that was spared in the communication on the agreement with the education unions, knowing that the financial incentive has an impact on the motivation of educational and administrative executives to give and innovate as well as the renewal of their practices professional “, he argued.

On the other hand, the education unions that are signatories to the agreement are reassuring women and men in education that work is underway to implement the provisions of the agreement on the ground. Youness Firachine, Secretary General of the National Union of Education (SNE) affiliated to the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT), said that the ministry will present the draft of the new statute to the unions during a meeting which should take place next Friday. .

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsFirachine reported that the implementation of the agreement has not been delayed, “ since the preparation of the draft statute takes time “, adding that the unions will present at the next meeting, their proposals and amendments concerning the statute that the ministry will present, pending its subsequent presentation before the General Secretariat of the Government (SGG), for its approval before the end of the current school year.



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