Decrease in foreign film production in Morocco

13 national feature films were produced in Morocco in 2020, three of which benefit from an advance on receipts estimated at more than MAD 16.3 million, notes the annual report of the Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM).

The year 2020 was marked by the production of 83 short films, 36 television series, 28 television films, 86 commercials and 16 docu-dramas.

However, foreign production in Morocco fell by 77.49%. In fact, eight feature films were shot in the Kingdom with a budget of nearly 60 million dirhams, against more than 265 million dirhams the previous year. Nine foreign television series were also filmed in the Kingdom for an investment exceeding 130 million dirhams.

In this sense, 703 filming authorizations were granted to Moroccan productions and 222 to foreign productions shot in Morocco, continued the same source.

In addition, the number of admissions to cinemas experienced a significant drop in 2020, dropping from 1,883,425 admissions for 92,977,422 DH in box office receipts in 2019 to 497,141 admissions for 23,630,181 DH in revenue on March 13. 2020.

Seven Moroccan films, “Tlatine melioune”, “Adam”, “They are big and cannot leave the family nest”, “Akhnatoune in Marrakech”, “For the cause”, “An ordinary emergency” and “Messaoud, Saida and Saadane” were classified at the box office of the first 30 films, all nationalities combined.

Internationally, Moroccan cinema has participated in 29 festivals in official competition and in 12 festivals with out-of-competition films, reveals the CCM, specifying that seven Moroccan films have won awards abroad.

Regarding the cinematographic park, 26 dark rooms out of a total of 31 received exceptional support in 2020 for a total amount of MAD 9,496,407.88.

Between March 31 and July 12, 2020, the CCM streamed 64 feature films and documentaries, 33 short films. Morocco leads the way in terms of views of streaming films with 894,287 views, followed by France (102,982), Spain (65,231) and Canada (20,122).



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