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Deconcentrated services to take over the management of competitions for access to public functions

The Executive plans to bequeath the power to organize and define the conditions and procedures for recruitment competitions to access public functions to the decentralized services of the State, said the Minister Delegate for the Digital Transition and the Reform of administration, Ghita Mezzour.

In her response to a question from the Authenticity and Modernity (PAM) team of the House of Representatives, the Minister of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, Ghita Mezzour, indicated that the powers, which the government plans , are part of the activation of the regional public employment policy based on the national charter of administrative deconcentration.

This provides for providing the heads of decentralized services at regional, prefectural or provincial levels with human resources management skills which are under their authority at regional level, in order to enable them to have decision-making powers in terms of organization recruitment competitions.

Mezzour explains: “ The Ministry of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform is working on the development and revision of a set of regulatory texts related to the public service, including in particular a draft decree defining the conditions and methods of organization competitions for access to public employment, which was presented to the Council of Government on February 9, 2023, in order to study it and approve it at a future meeting of the Council“.

As a reminder, the objective of this project is to improve the employment system, to rationalize its management, and to implement a set of requirements contained in the National Charter of Administrative Devolution, in particular by allowing the devolved services to the State to organize recruitment competitions for access to public functions.

It is also based on the use of technological tools to manage the recruitment process at different stages in order to ensure the stability of human resources at the regional level, by distributing the financial positions allocated to each sector according to the regions. The objective is also to guarantee a certain efficiency in terms of management, coherence between public policies and their convergence at the territorial level.

It should be noted that for the achievement of the objectives set out in the Charter, the government works, whenever necessary, to take all the measures required for the revision of the legislative and regulatory texts in force, including the possibility of entrusting the said chiefs with the prerogatives relating to the management of the professional career of human resources under their authority at the regional and provincial levels, among others.



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