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Death of Nawal El Saadawi: The tribute of the president of the IMA

Following the death of the Egyptian writer Nawal El Saadawi, the president of the Arab World Institute (IMA), Jack Lang, paid tribute to a “rebel fighter”.

“Nawal El Saadawi was the Egyptian muse for the emancipation of all Arab women. As a pioneer, she will fight tirelessly to defend humanistic and just causes, ”wrote Jack Lang.

And to add: “Psychiatrist and prolific woman of letters, her outspokenness forced admiration. A modern and daring Amazon, she wrote countless feminist reference books. Her famous book + woman and sex +, published in 1969 will make her a recognized and respected writer ”.

“As an enlightened lawyer, she will tirelessly denounce patriarchy, polygamy or even the inequality of inheritance rights between men and women. Against excision, his fight will have been exemplary, ”he said, to stress that faced with adversity and the many obstacles of a corseted society, it“ will never give up. A luminous activist, independent and proud of her convictions, Nawal El Saadawi was carried by an ideal, that of justice and democracy ”.

To conclude: “His humble talent, his rebellious vision of a more egalitarian society and his struggles against all obscurantism will remain an inspiration to many. Forever, Nawal El Saadawi will be an undisputed icon of the rights of Arab women and of the world. The powerful voice of a great lady will always resound ”.



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