dead and wounded victims around the epicenter of the quake recount scary night

dead and wounded victims around the epicenter of the quake recount scary night

“My wife, kids and I tried to leave the house, but my young daughter and my father, who is 102 years old, stayed. I tried to go back to get them out, but in vain, my father and daughter died there.”

Bourjlia Bouhsin, told MoroccoLatestNews about how he tried to save his elderly father and his eight-year-old daughter.
Bouhsin, the man from Sidi Ghanem commune in Imintanout, survived Friday’s catastrophe and described the horror of the natural disaster, as well as the community’s efforts to survive through difficult times.

Reporters from MoroccoLatestNews arrived Saturday on the spot, reporting that “wounded and maimed persons from several departments have successfully arrived in the Mohammed VI Regional Hospital in Chichaoua,” following the earthquake that struck.

Three persons died at the Mohammed VI Regional Hospital in Chichaoua after being brought in from the earthquake locations. More than 50 people were critically injured, and 17 of those cases were sent to the University Hospital Mohammed VI in Marrakech.

The community of Ighil in Al Haouz, in the Chichaoua province was home to the epicenter of the earthquake that struck Morocco.
Those who survived the fatal night attested that “they had never lived anything like this before.” The population of the epicenter, however, was also significantly impacted by the shock factor and the traumatic impact of the natural disaster.

Idriss al-Asri, a member of the Idassil community, was fortunate to survive despite being struck in the head. Al-Asri said that the earthquake’s “moment of danger” was one in which everyone was anticipating death.

Idris Al-Asri, who had no choice but to go back home to pick up his son, was injured in the head, while his son sustained fractures, due to the roundabout collapsing at Idassil.

Since the initial hours after the earthquake, medical and paramedical workers have not yet stopped their ongoing effort and assistance. Members of the Red Crescent then organized themselves to help.

Up to this point, the hospital is continuing to receive wounded and injured persons from Chichaoua prefecture groups and circles.

The latest toll count from the Moroccan Ministry of Interior has, as of the latest update, reported 1,037 deaths, 1,204 injuries with 721 in critical condition.

As of the early hours of Saturday, a massive rescue and aid mission has been sent to the most devastated areas near the epicenter, to try and salvage the quake’s repercussions.

Moroccans all over the Kingdom have also flocked blood transfusion centers, in an attempt to facilitate treatment for the injured and avoid blood shortages.


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