de Mistura visits Morocco to relaunch the round table process

Expected last Saturday in Rabat, Staffan de Mistura, the UN Secretary General’s personal envoy for the Sahara, was very present in Morocco during this weekend.

Staffan de Mistura, therefore traveled to Rabat and Laayoune and therefore indeed set foot on Moroccan soil. This is the second visit by the personal envoy of the UN Secretary-General for the Sahara since his appointment in October 2021, after a first made last January and which had taken him to Morocco, to Tindouf in the Algerian territory, in Mauritania and in Algeria, the latter country being considered as a party to the conflict it is waging against Morocco.

That being said, Staffan de Mistura’s visit to the region, according to Friday’s daily press briefing by UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric, will involve travel throughout the region. Indeed, de Mistura intends to meet “ all relevant actors in the region in the coming days », and that he « looked forward to deepening the consultations he had started last January, with all the parties concerned to constructively advance the political process on the Moroccan Sahara “, we would be tempted to say no offense to Algeria, which is determined to get out of the trap into which it has gotten itself, without wanting to continue to have control over the file.

But here it is, Algeria every day that God gets bogged down a little more in these contradictions. The country which inevitably has become a sanctuary for terrorism through the destabilizing force of its regime is drowning in its lies and contradictions, as evidenced by its refusal to participate in round tables in accordance with Security Council resolutions.

But as the ad would say, that was before, when the offspring of Algiers had set its sights on El Guergarate and proclaimed the “cessation” of the ceasefire. Since then, Algiers and its news agency have been bombarding us with war communiqués at the rate of one or two a day. Today, Algiers and its separatist offshoot are crying wolf for the release of the murderers of members of the security forces in the “Gdim Izik” case (eleven Moroccan police and gendarmes) and talking about respect for human rights as if in the sequestered camps of Tindouf or in the jails of Algeria they were respectful of these virtues. It’s “do what I don’t say what I do” and very little to defend yourself when you initiate children to war and therefore to arms.

Except that in the meantime, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge so much so that it carried with it some novelties that changed the situation. Among others, the new positions of Germany, Spain, the Netherlands… on the question of the Moroccan Sahara. These are some points on which Mistura should take into consideration, especially since in the group of friends of the Sahara (United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Spain and France), there is Spain which has added to the Moroccan thesis.

This is to say if the mission of the personal envoy of the United Nations Secretary General for the Sahara Antonio Guterres remains difficult and complex, because of the prevarication and obstinacy of Algeria in order to shirk its historical responsibilities. and his fully proven involvement in the conflict.



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