Dans le ton au Maroc, a radio dedicated to Jews and Judaism

In 1992, the late Hassan II declared that “few countries could boast of having, like Morocco, 750,000 sons as ambassadors to Israel”, thereby designating Jews from Morocco, it was not just pure rhetoric . He was referring to a process then underway: the introduction into Israel of “Moroccan” times, places and objects.

Thirty years later the effect is there, Morocco is preparing, it seems, to soon acquire a first radio station dedicated to Jews and Judaism and which, if effective, could even better reinforce this state of mind of Ambassador of the Kingdom. Admittedly, the rumor dates back to 2019, but there is no smoke without fire, we say.

The future radio if there is a future, which would like to be a generalist would broadcast in which case, its programs in Arabic, French, Darija and Hebrew with the main mission of making known the Hebrew component as a tributary of the heritage and life of Moroccans . It will broadcast 24 hours a day. This newcomer is headed by a Moroccan-Israeli Jew who is one of the most influential businessmen in Morocco and who is active in the field of private education.

The news, not yet official and although some are suggesting a possible authorization from the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA) which the latter denies, has spread like wildfire. It must be said that the HACA does not take its role lightly either. If this turns out, we could put this down to the benefit of the liberalization of the airwaves for all citizens, all communities heard, and which our country undertook a few years ago.

At the start of 2022, the private radio offer implied thirteen operators broadcasting twenty FM services, including seven leaders who cover the national territory, four radio stations with multi-regional coverage, two networks of eight regional radio stations, one multi-local radio station, without count the bouquet of about ten radio stations which broadcast on the Internet which complete the public offer which is made up of five radio services covering the whole of the national territory in addition to 11 services with regional coverage.

These platforms have a thematic battery that ranges from social subjects to music through sport, economy, culture, politics, people… Moroccan public and private radio stations broadcasting on the national territory have, over time and year in, year out, managed to build a very close link with the citizen and expression in all its diversity (linguistic, social, cultural, etc.) is becoming more and more free.

The HACA, which moreover ensures that there is no discrepancy in the commitments in terms of production as provided for in the specifications of everyone, has not yet received any file submission of the new Jewish radio, leaving the info hanging.

In any event, all you have to do is refer to the HACA site where the only recent request for authorization comes from the MFM Radio TV Company (SA), for a modification of its specifications. charges governing the MFM radio service. It is said that in view of the elements of the investigation file, the Superior Council for Audiovisual Communication decided, during its meeting on April 05, 2022, to renew the operating license for the MFM radio service to the company MFM Radio-TV (SA).

That said, since Morocco and Israel have resumed their relations, major Hebrew media are interested in the Kingdom. They seek to settle there or at least to be present there through correspondents. The idea of ​​mingling with the media landscape through radio could be of some benefit to everyone. She would express our diversity with her creation, especially since ” Hebrew culture has taken its rightful place on the benches of our schools alongside the history of Muslim civilization..



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