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CTI: Implementation of the 2022/25 development plan, endowed with 250MDH

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Network of Industrial Technical Centers (RECTIM) and the Industrial Technical Centers (CTI) signed, this Tuesday, June 7, 2022, a framework agreement for the implementation of the development plan for CTI for the period 2022-2025.

This development plan, endowed with a budget of 250 MDH, inaugurates a new partnership framework between the State and the CTIs through which the ministry will further support the role of the CTIs in the technical and technological support of companies.

The objective is to position them as an accelerator of innovation and industrial R&D, in particular by developing services with high added value for the benefit of the various industrial sectors aimed at strengthening their competitiveness and the industrial sovereignty of the Kingdom. .

For the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, “it is a new impetus which is given to the CTI called, today more than ever, to be vectors of the rise in competence of the industrial sectors and to offer operators with innovative services with high added value, consolidating achievements and freeing up initiatives at the same time”.

“We aspire to more attractive CTIs for our operators, acting in complementarity and in tune with national priorities to position ourselves as a technical center of reference in terms of technical and technological development at the service of Morocco’s industrial sovereignty”, a- he said.

It should be noted that this new plan follows the completion of the implementation of the 2014-2020 CTI development plan, signed in February 2013, under the effective presidency of King Mohammed VI, having mobilized a budget envelope of 290 MDH, and the recommendations of the evaluation study, validated by the monitoring committee of the CTI Support Fund (FACET).

It revolves around five main strategic areas, including the development of technical assistance services for investment projects selected within the framework of the Industrial, Food and Health Sovereignty Task Force, the deployment of certification services, validation of products and development of standards and the impulse of new activities in Morocco and the acceleration of the rise in skills of CTIs through innovative industrial and technical partnerships.

Similarly, this plan provides for strengthening the general interest mission of CTIs through development projects in consultation with industrial sectors and ecosystems and setting up new platforms and services for technical support for the development of new activities. industries that are part of industrial, health and food sovereignty.

The overall objectives of this plan will be broken down into specific objectives within the framework of objective contracts which will be signed with each CTI and its federation or professional association.

During this event, the report on the progress made under the 2014-2020 plan was presented. Among the most noteworthy are the strengthening of the technical capacities of the CTI laboratories, the increase in the number of employees and the rate of supervision.

With the strengthening of the capacities of the CTIs, the latter now provide technical services of general interest, in particular technical studies, the development of standards, technical assistance to manufacturers for the validation of new products and specific technical training.

In addition, the CTIs actively contributed to the national effort during the pandemic through participation in the development and validation of protective products and medical devices, in particular masks, artificial respirators, medical beds, etc.

In addition, over the same period, the Technical Center for Agrifood Industries (CETIA) was relaunched through the construction of a new building with new facilities. Another significant achievement: the setting up of the “CETIEV 2.0” R&D center, the result of a partnership between CETIEV and Stellantis, which has contributed to the development of skills and the technical and technological progress of the automotive sector in Morocco.




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