CSPJ: 96% of MRE grievances handled in 2022

CSPJ: 96% of MRE grievances handled in 2022

The Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ) indicated that it had dealt with 96% of the complaints made by Moroccans residing abroad (MRE), for the year 2022, transmitted by a central unit responsible for receiving them at the headquarters of the Advice.

Some 505 complaints were handled out of a total of 527 complaints from MREs in 2022, based on the fact that this type of complaint requires speed in the processing of files, indicates a report from the CSPJ on the reception operation for MREs under of the year 2022.

These grievances mainly concerned appeals against judicial decisions and implementing acts, as well as requests relating to pending cases and complaints which do not fall within the scope of the Council’s competence, specifies the same source.

With regard to the nature of the complaints handled, the report specified that the largest number of complaints and grievances received by the CSPJ are divided between 163 criminal complaints, 103 civil complaints and 78 land complaints, while the other complaints concern various subjects. .

With regard to the subjects of complaints and grievances, the report underlined that they mainly relate to judicial decisions (approximately 39%), followed by cases pending in the various courts of the Kingdom (123 complaints, i.e. 23.33 %) and those relating to magistrates (only 15 grievances).

The processing of complaints and grievances submitted to the Council by the MREs in 2022 resulted in the taking of a series of measures, which consist in particular in informing them of the subject of their complaint and of the Council’s jurisdiction over it.

In this regard, 303 responses to complaints have been sent, while grievances which do not fall within the competence of the Council have been submitted to the competent authorities, continued the same source, specifying that these are 44 complaints, while that 72 other repeated complaints and 5 denunciations were dismissed.

A total of 88 MREs went to the CSPJ headquarters between June 15 and September 15, 2022, where they were welcomed and informed about the outcome of their requests, coordinating, if necessary, with the cells set up at the level of the courts to facilitate the processing of their requests with the required speed.

The majority of MRAs who visited the Council’s headquarters reside in France (34 people), or 38.6%, followed by Moroccans residing in the Netherlands (15 people), or 17%.

According to the report, the Moroccans of the World who went to the CSPJ reception office during the summer of 2022 requested 126 measures, distributed between requests for interviews, with 44%, and the submission of complaints (36%). , while the other measures are intended to submit a request for an interview, to inquire about the follow-up given to the grievance or to request a response to a complaint.

As part of the simplification of procedures and the adoption of a local approach to communicate with users, the Council stressed that it has set up a service to follow up on the fate of complaints and maintenance requests. since January of the year 2021, by making a telephone line available to the public.

In this context, the Council received during the summer of 2022, 31 telephone calls from members of the community, the content of which relates to the procedure for filing a complaint, the request for an interview and the fate of the complaint.

The people responsible for receiving calls ensure that they answer all questions from callers, guide them and explain to them the measures taken with precision, in addition to allowing them to have the reference number of the complaint or grievance to facilitate its monitoring.

In addition, the report noted that 261 members of the Moroccan community established abroad had recourse to the various Courts of Appeal during the summer of 2022, specifying that the Court of Appeal of Casablanca received the greatest number, with 73 MRE, followed by the Court of Appeal of Taza (31 MRE) and the Court of Appeal of Al Hoceima (30 MRE).

In this context, the CSPJ noted that 19,047 MRAs went to the courts of first degree, during the summer of 2022, adding that the courts within the judicial district of Casablanca received some 7,701 Moroccans from around the world, followed by courts of the judicial district of Béni Mellal (5,555 MRE) and the courts of the judicial district of Settat (986 MRE).

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