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CSCA calls for fair media treatment of women’s sport

The Superior Council for Audiovisual Communication (CSCA) welcomed the mediatization effort that accompanied the participation of the women’s national team in the 2022 Women’s Africa Cup of Nations, calling for fair media treatment of women’s sport.

During its plenary meeting on July 29, the CSCA noted the exceptional effort and mobilization deployed by public and private radio and television stations, to ensure significant media coverage of the national team’s participation in this competition, underlines a press release from the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA).

Beyond the retransmission and coverage of the matches of this continental football competition, the media coverage has allowed an unprecedented visibility of the presence of women in the public sports space: grounds, stands, training, press briefings and parallel events… ., further highlights the Council, noting that this media coverage has also aroused popular enthusiasm and enthusiasm and unprecedented collective interest in a women’s national team.

Considering the many lessons learned from this experience, the CSCA called for the multiplication of sports broadcasts devoted to women’s sport, the representation of women’s expertise and a more consistent treatment of the question of women’s sport, in particular through the strengthening of the place and participation of women in all programs relating to sport.

He recalled on this occasion that the media coverage of women’s sport contributes to the promotion of the fair representation of women in the media and to the strengthening of the culture of parity and gender equality within society.

The positive values ​​of sport as well as the popularity and audience potential of sports competitions offer an opportunity for the visibility of women in positions of performance, leadership and contribution to the influence of the country, he further noted.

And to maintain that the promotion of women’s sport on television and radio is a means of consolidating the contribution of the media to the expression of diversity and to the development of women’s rights, to conclude that this mediatization is also likely to promote the increase in the practice of sport by women and thereby have a positive effect on public health.




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