CRTS/Casa strengthen the stock thanks to donations from sanatorium executives

CRTS/Casa strengthen the stock thanks to donations from sanatorium executives

At the initiative of the Regional Center for Blood Transfusion (CRTS) in Casablanca-Settat, a group of private clinics has agreed to strengthen the reserve stock of blood bags by organizing blood donation campaigns for health personnel.

The field campaign will begin next week, assuming it will extend throughout the year to all clinics in Casablanca, where blood bags will be collected by doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators working in these health facilities.

This campaign aims to encourage “positive competition” between private clinics for blood donation, with the regional center having drawn up a preliminary plan to collect blood bags from three private clinics per month. Dr. Amal Darid Ibnelfarouk, director of CRTS (regional center for blood transfusion) in Casablanca-Settat, said that “private clinics are among the highest consumers of this vital substance, which prompted us to open an in-depth discussion with these establishments, regarding the contribution to the strategic blood stock“.

Darid said in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews that “the idea was very well received by the owners of private clinics in the city of Casablanca, waiting to spread it to the rest of the cities in the region due to the enormous shortage of blood bags“. The official explained that,the Ministry of Health and Welfare no longer focused solely on the public sector, but also encouraged partnership with the private sector to improve hospital infrastructure.»

Darid added:The initiative will start with the main clinics of the city, where we will schedule monthly blood donation campaigns in 3-4 clinics throughout the year, which will certainly contribute to providing blood bags to patients who suffer daily of this dilemma.She went on to explaining that “sanatoriums exploit dozens of health personnel, which will help to strengthen the strategic stock of this vital substance“, adding that”the mobile units will also be open to families of patients in case they wish to donate blood“.

The volume of blood needs in the city of Casablanca alone reaches 600 bags per day, given the number of private hospitals and sanatoriums stationed in the economic pole of the country, followed by the city of Rabat with 300 bags per day, then from the cities of Marrakech, Fez and Tangier, whose need is around 200 bags each per day.


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