crossed views on artistic criticism in Morocco

crossed views on artistic criticism in Morocco

Moroccan researchers, academics, artists and critics delivered, Thursday in Assilah, crossed views on the realities of artistic criticism in Morocco.

During the second session of the symposium “Moroccan Painting and Critical Discourse”, organized as part of the summer edition of the 44th International Cultural Moussem of Assilah, participants focused on the role of artistic criticism, the constraints it faces and its importance in the Moroccan artistic industry.

In this sense, the speakers explained that the role of the art critic consists in analyzing the information revealed based on the scientific principles of research, adding that “it is also a question of bringing an experienced look, which is pronounced in relation to the work of an artist or the event”.

They also noted that Moroccan artistic criticism still needs to develop, deploring, among other things, “the lack of a deeper and more in-depth analytical look at the works”.

Speakers also highlighted the dynamics of art criticism as one of the important topics that require further research and in-depth discussion.

Furthermore, the participants indicated that the constraints facing artistic criticism are important because they result from a cultural reality, several aspects of which must be examined, emphasizing the important role of training institutions such as the National Institute of Fine Arts and universities in the training of a new generation of critics.

They also insisted on the need to pay particular attention to translation workshops, especially in a context of globalization, explaining that the involvement of artists and critics in this global dynamic requires familiarization with different terminologies, concepts and discourses.

At the end of this symposium, a host of personalities from all walks of life, accompanied by the secretary general of the Assilah Forum Foundation, Mohamed Benaïssa, visited the various plastic arts workshops (mural painting, engraving and lithography) which saw the participation of several artists of different nationalities.

Placed under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, this 44th edition of the Moussem of Assilah, which takes place from July 4 to 25, is organized by the Assilah Forum Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Communication-Department of Culture and the municipality of Assilah.


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