Creation of a conciliation mechanism

Creation of a conciliation mechanism

The CNSS informs its policyholders of the implementation of a conciliation mechanism. This system reinforces the customer-oriented approach adopted by the CNSS and makes available to these customers, in addition to the internal services for processing complaints and appeals, an accessible, fair and free service, prevention and settlement. disputes arising or that may arise between the CNSS and its policyholders.

To this end, the CNSS has created the Conciliation Department which is attached to the General Management and which is independent of operational activities.

In the event that the insured disagrees or is dissatisfied with the decision or the response of the CNSS, or if he has not received an answer (after one month from his first complaint received by the CNSS) at the end of the process for handling complaints defined by the establishment, he can contact the Conciliation Department to examine his request.

The policyholders concerned can contact the Conciliation Department, by:

Using the online services made available to them on the CNSS website,
> By completing and sending the form (Ref. 901-1-01), which can be downloaded from the CNSS website with a copy of the documents supporting the request, to the following address: 649 Bd Mohamed V BP 2186, Casablanca.
> By completing and submitting the aforementioned form at the level of an agency

For more information, a “Conciliation” section can be consulted on the institution’s website.


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