create more than 8 million jobs in Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia

Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia would be able to create between 8 million and 14 million jobs by 2030 according to the “eina4jobs” platform (Entrepreneurship Innovations & Advice – North Africa), said Tuesday in Rabat. , David Robalino, Advisor to said platform.

David Robalino, who presented the “eina4jobs” platform at the Regional Conference for North Africa, placed under the theme “The future of employment and the role of entrepreneurship and VSMEs”, specified that the jobs which need to be created depend on public policy objectives and on what governments can do, particularly with regard to employment policies.

The platform, funded by the Danish-Arab Partnership Program (DAPP) and piloted by the African Development Bank (AfDB), aims to connect entrepreneurs in the three countries to institutions that offer support services, particularly in terms of financing and influencing public policies in support of entrepreneurship and very small, small and medium-sized enterprises (VSMEs), he said.

The mission of “eina4jobs” is to promote entrepreneurship, the growth of SMEs and the creation of jobs in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt, by proposing operational innovations, influencing policies and programs as well as by strengthening state capacities.

The platform was born following the implementation in 2012, by the AfDB, of the Souk at Tanmia initiative, which directly supported nearly 800 entrepreneurs in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. Organized by the AfDB and the Ministry of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills, this high-level conference shines a spotlight on the challenges facing workers, entrepreneurs and MSMEs in the aftermath of the pandemic.

This two-day meeting also aims to define a general roadmap to accelerate recovery by creating investment and entrepreneurship opportunities.



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