CR7 club Al Nassr banned from recruitment by FIFA

CR7 club Al Nassr banned from recruitment by FIFA

End of recruitment for the Saudi club of Cristiano Ronaldo? Just after receiving Hakim Ziyech’s niet, on the proposal to join its ranks, after a long series of twists and turns, the club faces another bad episode.

According to information from The Mirror and CBS, the Saudi club has just been banned by FIFA from welcoming new players… A big setback while new transfer rumors directly concerning him are multiplying every day.

The case is not related to recent purchases, it concerns the famous story with the Nigerian player. Ahmed Musa’s transfer dates from August 2018, when the player arrived for more than 16 million euros from Leicester. FIFA accuses Al-Nassr of not having paid 460,000 euros to the Foxes, in addition to interest, on performance bonuses. Saudi leaders, warned since October 2021 of an upcoming sanction if they did not pay the amount due, did not react.

As a result, the case was taken to court by the English club, which ended up winning its case through the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The club therefore ended up being banned from recruitment for three transfer windows… The start of the implementation of this sanction is however not specified.

The Saudi club recruited Cristiano Ronaldo last December, he recently offered Marcelo Brozovic from Inter Milan. Also very ambitious for Seko Fofana, twists about Hakim Ziyech. The club has not been satisfied with the recruitment market. However, this decision limits the whims of the Saudi group.
Despite this sword of Damocles, Al Nassr does not seem to panic. Management intends to bet on the money to solve this problem and potentially reduce or even eliminate this ban.


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