Controversy in parliament over Ait Taleb’s visit to Driouch, described as a “theatrical play”

Controversy in parliament over Ait Taleb’s visit to Driouch, described as a “theatrical play”

The recent visit of the Minister of Health, Khalid Ait Taleb to a hospital in Driouch, angered parliamentarians who saw it as a “show”, “a theatrical play” to show that “supposedly” he was doing his job and not hospitals in this region.

Said visit by the minister, where he was seen reprimanding doctors and telling them what protocols to follow, was highly criticized by Moroccans too, who made the same remarks as the parliamentarians, judging this video-recorded visit as “ironic” and ” very inappropriate” from Khalid Ait Taleb.

Within the hemicycle, during the weekly session of oral questions, deputies of the majority criticized the Minister of Health, accusing him of exploiting this visit and setting up a scene to reveal the dysfunctions of the health system. in said region.

One of the representatives of the Nation said to this effect: “The Driouch hospital did not need a budget, because it has no management budget, no equipment and no nurses, not to mention that the doctor who worked there left without the director’s authorization and did not been replaced, and so instead of going to the hospital and staging and filming it, it would have been more like hiring human resources and establishing a budget”.

The health situation in our country is really worrying, even painful…”said another parliamentarian making a bitter observation of the country’s hospitals. “If you listened to the words of the representatives of the nation, you would not have to go to Driouch because we are used to writing to you and sharing our observations with you, but even our written questions, you do not deign answer to “, he asserted.

According to the deputy, the Driouch hospital is “a small-scale example of what is happening inside Morocco, and a painful situation for what is happening in hospitals where patients are dying”, he said, referring to a “miserable” situation.

And to insist: “This is not a play, this is reality” pointing out the minister’s duplicity: “We don’t understand how you play the role of the government inside the parliament and the role of the opposition outside. Double talk is unacceptable”.

In his defence, Khaled Ait Taleb said the trip to Driouch hospital was a “visit requested and not a play”.

The Minister of Health and Social Protection, in this sense, insisted that it is a question of“a visit requested“, which took place on the sidelines of the signing of a partnership agreement with the Regional Council of Driouch in order to strengthen health services and improve their quality.

The hospital has 140 human resources and all the necessary equipment, and suffers from a shortage in the number of resident doctors, he said.

Therefore, the Minister further said, an agreement was concluded to support human resources, and the visit in question “intervened to understand the cause of citizens’ complaints”.


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