continuous upward trend in prices at the pump

continuous upward trend in prices at the pump

Fuel prices have resumed their upward trend in recent days. With an increase of 2.5% per liter, which for gasoline made them reach the threshold of 15 dirhams per liter of gasoline and 14 dirhams for diesel fuel in a number of cities.

It is also a tendency to growl during these holiday periods when the car is used more than at other times. Looking only at distribution companies, this recent price increase is due to fluctuations that occurred after new stock was received, resulting in higher weighted averages.

They claim that service stations sell fuel at cost price, without making a significant profit margin. The oil companies make a small margin, or even zero, by offering, for example, the price of gasoline at 14.58 dirhams per liter in service stations.

They also put this increase on the account of the rise in the price of a barrel of crude oil on the world markets, hence a yo-yo evolution.

This increase of almost 3 dirhams for gasoline in one month (12 dh, 14 dh and 15 dh) and diesel which went from 12 to 14 dh, is hardly to the taste of the citizen and particularly of the motorist or the Moroccan driver. Also many of them do not understand that sometimes despite prices falling internationally, fuel prices remain at their highest internally.

The Moroccan Petroleum Association stresses that the current market is characterized by ambiguity and uncertainty. Concerns persist that a global energy crisis is emerging as prices continue to rise to the point that banks and hedge funds cannot keep up, threatening the balance of the market.

In this context, several countries have decided to provide direct financial aid to reduce the cost of fuel on their domestic markets, which is not the case in Morocco.


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