Contaminated cookies in Morocco: ONSSA reassures

Contaminated cookies in Morocco: ONSSA reassures

A cookie from the French brand “Gerblé” has raised concerns among Moroccan consumers about its sale in the Kingdom’s markets.

Indeed, this gluten-free cookie would contain “burundanga”, better known as scopolamine, a substance harmful to health and the nervous system. Used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, the scopolamine contained in the biscuit is said to cause intense delusional hallucinations, amnesia and loss of consciousness.

The National Office for Food Safety (ONSSA) reacted to the case of this drug detected in the biscuit of the French brand “Gerblé”. ONSSA affirms that no batch of this reference has been imported or marketed on the Moroccan market, thus ensuring that it has carried out all the necessary investigations.

The Office also reinforces the control on the importation of the biscuit in question to prevent its introduction into the national territory.


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