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Constant supply disruption in Mirleft

Faced with an alarming water situation at the global level and a worrying drop in hydraulic basins at the national level, the government has launched an emergency program to supply drinking water to all the cities of the kingdom. But the situation remains worrying.

This is the case for the inhabitants of the Tayert 2 district, at the entrance to Mirleft, who have been suffering for a while from water cuts at first, then a total cut which has lasted for two days.

With these constant supply disruptions, one resident even installed a cistern. I took a water tank to supply us with drinking water, but there is a risk of water shortage. We will be forced to celebrate Eid Al Adha without drinking water»said Khadija, a resident of the Tayert 2 district.

We have contacted ONEP, but so far we have no solution, we have knocked on all doors in order to spread the word about this affair and that those concerned take their responsibility.»she continues.

Several theories circulate in Mirleft, between the significant drop in the hydraulic basin which supplies the city and a simple breakdown in the sewers, the inhabitants of this district intend to launch a petition to achieve a solution.

Contacted by MoroccoLatestNews, ONEP did not respond to our requests.




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