Conference on the functional role of interactive programs on national radio

Conference on the functional role of interactive programs on national radio

As part of its activities at the International Book Fair (SIEL), the National Broadcasting and Television Company (SNRT) organized a conference on Wednesday devoted to the “functional role of interactive programs on national radio”.

During this meeting, the performance of the “national radio” in interactive programs and its works devoted to the realization of the objectives of the public media service were highlighted, indicates the SNRT, noting that this is an approach undertaken via a debate and analysis while consolidating the principles of interactivity and proximity, which makes this radio a space open to all.

The speakers at this meeting revealed the preservation of the place that belongs to the SNRT radio channels as a mass media medium in the light of the accelerated transformation of the audiovisual sector and its modes of consumption. Something that SNRT supports by offering digital services, including to its radio channels.

The conference relied on figures to illustrate this exceptional performance. This is the case for 14.4 million listeners to channels in Morocco from Monday to Friday. The services of the SNRT (Mohammed VI radio of the Koran, Inter channel and Amazigh radio) attract approximately 6 million and 700 thousand listeners, representing a rate of 24.8% of national coverage.

The speakers also emphasized the general policy of SNRT, dedicated to the production and programming of its radio services, which contributes to this increase in audience ratings.

The conference also revealed the response of the national radio, through its interactive programs such as “Hdi Rassek”, “Mousabaqat Maftouha”, “Minka Wa Ilayk” and “Atini Rayek”, to the aspirations and expectations of listeners. All according to the principles of proximity, public interest and response to the needs of information, culture and fun by offering them the microphone to express their opinions on different aspects of daily life while harmonizing with the editorial line and to the specifications of the SNRT.

To reflect the important place of these interactive programs in the national radio schedule, 43% of its annual programming is devoted to them. Thus, 1420 hours (16.21%) are dedicated to cultural and recreational programs, in addition to the 2362 hours for social and service programs (26.96%). The rest being divided between news and information programs (1640 hours), religious programs (410 hours), sports programs (598 hours), royal and parliamentary activities (130 hours), as well as song and music (2200 hours).

Took part in this meeting, the Director of Production and Programming of the Radio, Ali Khella, the head of the international production department, Amina Mejlal, the journalist and producer, Mohamed Ammora, the journalist and producer, Nabila Komini, and the journalist, Lahcen El Yasmini with moderation by Abdelilah Tahani, host of “Madarate”.

As a reminder, the activities of the SNRT institutional stand at SIEL are marked by a masterclass led by journalists Nabila Azerkane and Khalil Dernane for the benefit of young students.


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