Concern over non-renewal of Morocco-EU fisheries agreement intensifies in Spain

Concern over non-renewal of Morocco-EU fisheries agreement intensifies in Spain

In Spain, concern about a probable non-renewal of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement (SFPA) between Morocco and the European Union is growing more and more as the date approaches. due date. This week, it is the turn of the political party Vox to recall the consequences on the economy of the country.

The deputy of the Vox parliamentary group of Malaga, Purificación Fernández, denounced, during the plenary session on Thursday, the “ serious consequences that the Andalusian fleet will suffer » after confirming « what we feared“, namely the non-renewal of the Morocco-EU fishing agreement.

According to Fernández, the non-renewal of this fishing agreement “ will result for Andalusia in the loss of nearly fifty ships“, most of which have a port in Cadiz, while ” some 500 families will not be able to fish on these coasts, which will lead to losses of around 4 million euros“.

We do not understand how the most important decisions in the sector are taken in offices in Brussels, far from national sovereignty and behind the backs of fishermen“, continued the MP for Vox, after recalling that with nearly 8,000 kilometers of coastline, “ the Spanish fishing sector generates 20% of total European production and is the leading Member State in this area“.

Unlike ” the importance of having sovereignty in all sectors of our country, which Vox defends, we find a Prime Minister like Sánchez, who always puts his own interests first, even if they are those of third countries, who do not have nothing to do with the interests of the Spanish people“, she pointed out.

Fernández also criticized the fact that Spanish fishermen are forced to comply with demanding Community regulations, while Almerian fishermen must see how ” Moroccan vessels fish in Spanish waters with driftnets, also known as “curtains of death”, which are prohibited in our country, without anything happening to them“.

For the MP for Vox, it is a ” no more in the application of the policies of the Agenda 2030 which are imposed on us by Brussels » and against which the Popular Party « lower your head and assume“, which is why she asked the government of Moreno Bonilla to take the necessary measures to defend Andalusian fishermen.

Remember that for the moment, no negotiations concerning the renewal of this agreement are underway, as stated by the European Commission in a statement sent to MoroccoLatestNews. In addition, the European countries concerned, Spain in particular, are impatiently awaiting the decision of the Court of Justice of the EU which could be handed down before the expiry date of the agreement, ie next July 17.

It should be noted that this agreement grants licenses to 132 trawlers from 10 European countries. Of the total number of ships, 93 are Spanish, hence the constant concern given the enormous economic loss to be expected, while the rest are divided between Portugal, France, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, in addition to the United Kingdom.


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