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The controversy over the results of the lawyer’s aptitude test is far from over. This time, the candidates who failed the competition accuse the Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, of having violated the law governing the profession and continue to plead for the cancellation of the results of the written examination.

Indeed, the dispute over the results of the written competition is still relevant. Members of the National Committee of Victims of the Examination for Aptitude for the Practice of the Lawyer Profession accused the Minister of Justice of violation of the law governing this profession, while expressing their rejection and denunciation of the latest statements of Abdellatif Ouahbi, delivered at the MAP Forum to which he was invited on Tuesday 24 January.

In a recent statement, the committee considered the minister’s statements to be ” highly offensive to those who failed the exam and involves the systematic defamation and humiliation of those concerned who have made their claims responsibly“.

In addition, members said that Ouahbi broke the law by lowering the threshold for admission to the exam to allow 2,081 candidates who did not have the average to pass instead of 800 for the first stage of the competition, considering that his interference means a ” circumvention of the law and undue influence, thus confirming that our cause is just“.

They were also surprised by the minister’s confused statements showing ” a state of wandering and isolation in the face of violations found at all stages of the review.

In this sense, the committee condemned what they described as an “abuse of power” by the minister and an “attempt to influence the judicial power”, in defiance of the constitutional principle of the independence of this power, and called on parliamentarians to take responsibility for Ouahbi’s actions, fulfilling their watchdog roles.

Recall that the government has so far kept its distance from the scandal by dodging all questions in this regard. The justice minister’s own party, the PAM, expressed no solidarity with its general secretary.

Moreover, although many people have pleaded for the opening of an investigation, the Minister of Justice still refuses to respond to these requests and made it known during his last intervention “that they did not contain any precise data on which to rely to open an investigation”, arguing that “These are just allegations.”

“The data and facts must be determined precisely and in detail so that the public prosecutor can open an investigation into the case”he told the media.

However, he decided to prosecute a candidate who passed the written exam after investigations showed that he had registered twice through two files with a change of national card number”, which is considered to be a forgery under the law.

In this respect, the members of the committee wonder that ” if the candidate has been registered twice, it means that his name has been repeated twice in the list of registered persons, then why has his registration number passed to another person who was not registered the first time ? », he wondered about this fraud.

Given all the controversy caused by the results of the exam, the numerous accusations and the truncated results of some candidates such as the one who passed twice and one of the exams attributed to another person, the committee renewed the request for cancellation of the results affirming that the “victims” of this file will continue their fight all the same.


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