Commission to Combat Human Trafficking Detects Content on Social Networks Harming Children, Women Affected by the Earthquake

Commission to Combat Human Trafficking Detects Content on Social Networks Harming Children, Women Affected by the Earthquake

The national commission in charge of coordinating measures to combat and prevent human trafficking has detected content prejudicial to child and female victims in several publications on social networks in the wake of the outpouring of solidarity with the victims of the Al Haouz earthquake.

Following the tragedy of last Friday’s earthquake, which caused great human and material losses in many regions, a series of publications, messages, photos and conversations exchanged on social networks as part of campaigns and initiatives of solidarity with the victims of the earthquake were detected, the commission said in a statement.

These publications contain content prejudicial to the rights of children and women, likely to incite criminal acts punishable by law no. 27.14 on human trafficking, which exposes their authors to severe penalties, noted the same source.

By virtue of the powers conferred on it by article 7 of the same law, notably in terms of monitoring and detecting manifestations of human trafficking and proposing various forms of coordination and cooperation between the competent authorities, the commission stated that it has referred the cases detected to the competent security and judicial authorities for appropriate action.

The commission invites everyone to report any cases of human trafficking detected, by calling the toll-free number for reporting potential victims of human trafficking: 080 000 47 47, which the commission has made available to the public for this purpose.

This toll-free number is exclusively dedicated to reporting possible cases of human trafficking, added the same source, specifying that any reports of cases outside this framework must be addressed to the competent authorities, with a view to ensuring optimal management of this mechanism and enabling the care of real victims requiring immediate intervention.

In this context, the commission noted that the possibility of reporting possible cases of human trafficking remains open, by contacting the judicial and security authorities, including the units for caring for women and children who are victims of violence, in accordance with the legal rules in force.

It also pointed out that reports of requests for material aid or of alleged crimes involving the detour of food intended for earthquake victims do not fall within the Commission’s remit and must therefore be notified to the competent authorities.


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