Collective exhibition in Casablanca around the theme “The dream in color”

The Living4Art gallery in Casablanca is hosting a collective exhibition between July 10 and August 7, under the theme “The dream in color”.

According to a presentation note from the gallery, on the menu of this exhibition, canvases from an elite of plastic artists of different generations.

It will take visitors on a journey of creativity and art specific to each plastic artist, as well as an opportunity to learn about the dreams of each whose colors perfectly reveal the identity and inner life, adds the note. .

The Gallery emphasizes in this regard that the dream constitutes the good refuge that we think of every night, but the dream in color is the one that nourishes our inspiration and removes the obstacles and barriers endured during this hard period.

For the achievement of this objective, the first step begins with the dream, then the awakening, to go to the end without any frustration, because art is the dream of the awakening which plays a fundamental role in artistic creativity.



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