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CNP: A little ride and then go?

The current situation of the National Press Council (CNP), the sector’s regulatory body, remains unclear, with an extended term of office expiring on April 4, 2023. Its life cycle will ultimately only last for a mandate! To avoid the impasse, the Council of Government will have to consider, on Thursday, a bill aimed at creating a provisional commission responsible for managing the affairs of the press and publishing sector.

Several months have passed and no solution seems to have been found so that the CNP can continue to exercise its functions and fulfill its missions in a normal manner. However, the Council of Government plans to examine, at its meeting on Thursday, a draft law on the creation of a Provisional Commission responsible for managing the affairs of the press and publishing sector, which may be a cure for chaos.

It should be recalled that the elections of the 14 members of the National Press Council took place on June 22, 2018 with a term of office fixed at 4 years, renewable only once, ending on October 4, 2022. At the end of that Here and following the non-organisation of new elections, the Council went through a fairly critical phase, marked by real anarchy. This led the Executive to prescribe an extension of six months through Decree-Law No. 2.22.770.

It was, in fact, a provisional and exceptional measure, the purpose of which was to enable the Council to carry out the missions entrusted to it by virtue of the Press and Publishing Code and to remedy the institutional void. Now, at the end of this “respite” period with April 4 as the deadline, the pressure is mounting and the government is faced with the imperative of finding a solution to avoid the impasse.

It should be noted that the spokesperson for the Executive, Mustapha Baitas, had affirmed last month during a press briefing following the Council of Government that the question would be examined, in coordination with the stakeholders, in order to to find a solution before the deadline, noting that this will also be examined at the next meetings of the Council of Government to identify a vision and a way out of this situation.

The subject is discussed with all stakeholders including the Secretary General of the Government and professionals in the sector. In the next meetings, the government will focus on the review of the mandate of the CNP with a view to finding an effective solution to the issue without finding itself in an impasse”, had indicated the minister delegate, specifying on the other hand that the CNP was urged to organize and hold the elections within 6 months because the constitution is clear on this subject.

It should be noted that the government’s recourse to the creation of this Provisional Commission to carry out the tasks of the Council, could resolve the situation temporarily, the latter being unable to exercise its functions due to the end of its mandate. and elections that have still not been held.

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