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CNOPS: Resumption of prior medical checks on expensive drugs

The Caisse Nationale des Organismes de Prévoyance Sociale (CNOPS) informs community pharmacists admitted in third-party mode that the prior medical check resumes, from May 2, 2022, on the 119 expensive drugs covered in pharmacies.

As a result, indicates a press release from the Fund, pharmacists must only deliver the 119 expensive drugs reimbursed in view of the prior reimbursement agreement from the CNOPS issued to the interested parties, in accordance with law 65-00. bearing the Basic Medical Coverage Code

Similarly, the CNOPS restores, from April 2, 2022, the prior agreement on expensive drugs not appearing on the list of 119 drugs covered directly. Insured persons must request the prior agreement of the CNOPS or their mutual insurance company before acquiring these drugs.

As a reminder, the CNOPS took, as soon as the Covid 19 health exception was declared in March 2020, an exceptional measure of suspension of prior medical checks and direct billing of expensive drugs. This measure made it possible to protect policyholders, prevent the spread of the pandemic, ensure the continuity of benefits and policyholders’ access to expensive drugs.




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