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CMI: 206 new ATMs in Morocco in 2021

The Interbank Monetary Center (CMI), indicated that the extension of the network of automatic teller machines (ATMs) has slowed down with the installation of 206 new ATMs during the year 2021, thus allowing the network to reach 7,940 ATMs. , i.e. a network extension of +2.7% compared to the end of 2020.

In its report on Moroccan electronic payment activity for the year 2021, the CMI specifies that the best equipped cities are Casablanca with 1,545 ATMs, Marrakech with 662 ATMs, Rabat with 649 ATMs, Tangier with 473 ATMs, Agadir with 415 ATMs and Fez with 398 ATMs.

The ATM network carried out during the past year, 328.6 million withdrawals made by Moroccan and foreign bank cards, an increase of +14% for a total amount of 325.3 billion dirhams (MMDH), an increase of 14.2%, i.e. an average monthly activity of 4,126 withdrawal operations for a total amount of 4.1 MDH for each ATM, further notes the Center.

The ratio of the number of cards issued in Morocco by ATM, defined by the ratio of outstanding Moroccan bank cards to the number of ATMs installed, stands at 2,258 at the end of 2021.




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