Climate Activists Block Traffic through Rhine River

Climate Activists Block Traffic through Rhine River

Rhine river traffic was blocked Friday morning in Basel, Switzerland, due to an action by climate activists.

“We are in close contact with those involved in the action,” a spokesman for the cantonal police told the press, noting that the traffic was “suspended until further notice.”

Dozens of boats are blocked and traffic on the river is disrupted. “Our first priority is to ensure that no one is injured,” he continued.

The action by a dozen activists began before 5:00 a.m. GMT (7:00 a.m. local time) from the Three Roses Bridge in the heart of the city, with the aim of disrupting fuel transport on the Rhine, one of Europe’s main river trade routes.

The number of actions by climate activists in Switzerland is growing, often blocking traffic on busy arteries, sometimes by sticking their hands to the asphalt.

This week, two members of Renovate Switzerland also interrupted the Locarno Film Festival by taking the stage, where the organizers allowed them to speak and denounce the lack of determination in the fight against climate change.


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