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Clashes in several cities after the adoption of the pension reform

Clashes and violence between demonstrators and the police erupted on Monday evening in several French cities, after the adoption by Parliament of the controversial pension reform.

Following the rejection of the two motions of censure presented by the opposition to overthrow the government and invalidate the adoption of the reform, which provides for the postponement of the legal age from 62 to 64, opponents of the much criticized text have beaten the pavement in particular in Paris, Strasbourg, Lille, Rennes and Nancy, according to images and videos relayed by the media of the hexagon.

In Paris, the demonstrators met at Place Vauban, located near the National Assembly, before the police, who blocked all access to the square, charged the protesters several times to make them move back, causing clashes.

The demonstrators then converged on other districts of the capital, in particular that of the Odéon, where several garbage cans were set on fire, and those of the Saint-Lazare station and the Opera, where the fires are also numerous. .

The Minister of the Interior reported at least 70 arrests among the Parisian demonstrators.

Earlier, the National Assembly rejected two motions of censure introduced by the groups Liot (Liberties, Independents, Overseas and Territories) and the National Rally (RN – far right), to bring down the executive, after the activation, Thursday, by Elisabeth Borne of article 49.3, to pass, without a vote, the disputed pension reform.

The oppositions have announced referrals to the Constitutional Council, which will have to decide before the promulgation of the reform project.

After the adoption of the law by the Parliament, the President of the Republic has fifteen days to promulgate the law. However, if at least sixty parliamentarians seize the Constitutional Council, this period is suspended.



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