Clashes between sub-Saharan migrants again raise concern

Clashes between sub-Saharan migrants again raise concern

The city of Casablanca was the scene of fights and violence overnight from Friday to Saturday, involving dozens of illegal migrants from sub-Saharan African countries.

The area of ​​Oulad Ziane, under the district prefecture of Al Fida-Mers Sultan, where there are a large number of illegal migrants, was the scene of unrest and violence which led to great chaos marked by destruction of several cars.

During this confrontation between migrants from Sudan and others from Guinea, ” swords and stones were allegedly used, causing panic and fear among travelers at the Oulad Ziane bus station, according to multiple accounts.

Despite the presence of the security forces with their various numbers and equipment, the illegal migrants were armed with sticks and stones, insulting and threatening each other.

More than 10 cars were vandalized at the scene due to clashes and stone throwing between the two groups, in addition to injured people on both sides who were taken to hospital.

This situation has aroused great anger among citizens, particularly among users of the Oulad Ziane bus station, who are increasingly embarrassed by the presence of illegal migrants and ” the fear and panic they cause due to their frequent clashes“.

As for transport professionals, such as bus owners and taxi drivers who work with customers at the bus station, they also complain about the presence of these migrants nearby, as well as the daily fights.

The inhabitants of Derb Kabir have also been upset for some time now by the presence of illegal migrants. These latter ” occupy the entrances of their houses, lie down on the ground and transform the alleys into places of residence where they have set up tents“.

Faced with this situation, residents of the region repeatedly call on the authorities to “intervene quickly to remedy the situation before these clashes escalate and cause fires in cars or shops”.

According to residents of Derb Kabir, “ congregations of illegal migrants are used to traffic all kinds of drugs and prohibited goods, but also to turn these spaces into places of prostitution and rape of homeless women“.


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