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Citizen consultations continue until May 30

The Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development announced Thursday that citizen consultations for the overhaul of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development (SNDD) will continue until May 30.

A press release from the ministry specifies that citizen consultations have been launched and will continue until May 30, 2023, initially through a digital platform, which “constitutes a fundamental pillar of this project, aiming to offer citizens inside and outside the country the opportunity to participate effectively in building our common future, by gathering their opinions and expectations”.

“As part of our country’s commitment to sustainable development under the enlightened leadership of King Mohammed VI, the process of overhauling the SNDD is continuing according to a participatory approach that integrates all the actors concerned by sustainable development. of our country, whether at the national or territorial level, with the aim of reconciling economic and social development with the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage for current and future generations,” the statement read.

The content of the digital platform has been developed and improved to take into account the opinions and suggestions of civil society actors and the general public interested in sustainable development, said the same source, indicating that techniques have been added to ensure visual and auditory accessibility of the platform for people with special needs, such as the blind or those with color vision impairments, thanks to the accessibility features built into Android and iOS.

In addition, and because of the importance of the associative fabric and its role in mobilizing around subjects of common interest such as sustainable development, the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, in collaboration with the ministerial departments concerned , launches the #نساهمو_جميع initiative to simplify the concepts and priorities of sustainable development as well as the themes of the citizen consultation through the interactive platform “noussahimo”.

This initiative aims to reach all the components of Moroccan society and to mobilize them within the framework of a local communication that this ministry has advocated throughout this process. Popularization materials in Darija and dialects will also be developed in coordination with the institutions concerned to enable mobilization of all parties concerned.

These citizen consultations will continue with the organization, during the month of May 2023, of thematic workshops with the actors concerned, to enable them to formulate their opinions on the priorities of the SNDD by 2035.

Collecting citizens’ opinions and proposals will help ensure that approved programs and action plans meet the aspirations of all stakeholders.

The ministry calls, in this sense, all citizens residing in Morocco or abroad to participate massively, through the digital consultation platform, in order to collect their expectations and suggestions. to achieve the desired sustainable development for Morocco.

As part of this approach, regional meetings on sustainable development were organized under the High Patronage of His Majesty the King, during the week of March 13 to 20, 2023, in all regions of the Kingdom, recalls the text.

It should be noted that more than 2,000 participants representing the various actors concerned (elected officials, external services, private sector and civil society) were present. The objective of these meetings was to discuss the priorities and challenges of sustainability at the regional level and to propose solutions capable of guaranteeing integrated regional development.



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