CINERJI unveils an ambitious development project

CINERJI unveils an ambitious development project

In a context favorable to a strong return to cinemas, Hakim Chagraoui, founder and CEO of CINERJI presented his vision of “the new cinema experience”. He outlined the ambitions of this innovative project which will constitute, within 3 years, a vast network of 25 complexes in the main medium-sized cities of Morocco, offering 150 rooms or screens for a volume of 30,000 seats.

After decades of decline, which have reduced the number of cinemas to just 27 today (compared to 300 cinemas in the 1980s), the Moroccan market is reversing, with the arrival of new operators and cinema attendance in Morocco in evolution, estimated at +8.2% in 2019, with nearly 1.9 million admissions according to data from the Moroccan Cinema Center (CCM).

Bearer of an avant-garde vision of entertainment, CINERJI stands out as the first network of 100% Moroccan cinema complexes. With the ambition to open a new era of cinema in Morocco and to meet the demand of the Moroccan public for new experiences, CINERJI reinvents new-generation cinema, with rooms equipped with immersive technologies, combined with a multi-activity entertainment concept including cinema, gaming, shows and concerts, food court, etc.

First stage of this ambitious project, the takeover of the Imax complex at the Morocco Mall in Casablanca, to offer, from January 2024, an unprecedented cinematic experience, based on cutting-edge audiovisual technologies, in particular Dolby sound and Christie projectors which will be deployed in all future cinemas in CINERJI.

Redesigned in collaboration with the firm Pierre Chican Architecture, of the OMA Cinema agency, the complex will now offer four rooms for a greater choice of screenings and programming. Its large room will also be designed as a performance hall and new performances will give a taste of the brand’s future complexes.

A series of openings is also scheduled for the first half of 2024 in the outskirts of Casablanca, in Dar Bouazza and Bouskoura which will host complexes CINERJIdirectly or in partnership with local shopping centres.

By positioning itself as a real cultural actor at the service of the development of the “Seventh Art” ecosystem in Morocco, the network will contribute to the development and decentralization of the Kingdom’s cinema park and will be deployed in almost all medium-sized Moroccan cities.


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