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Ciné Atlas opens the debate on the worldwide taxation of streaming giants

Under the theme ” Online cinema service: Global taxation of streaming giants: Huge potential for the cinema industry in Morocco“, CinéAtlas Holding launches the debate on the impact of the global wave of taxation of” Sillicon Six“(GAFAM + Neftlix) during a press conference scheduled for June 30th.

In a press release, CinéAtlas recalls that as of May 31, the British Fair Tax foundation estimated that these six companies (GAFAM + Netflix), and over the decade 2011-2020, had escaped $ 149 billion in taxes on the all the countries where they generate turnover.

Regarding SVOD (Streaming video on demand) operators, Netflix and more recently Amazon Prime, the same source raises that many countries very recently required them to declare their income locally while other countries are currently taking measures to regularize as well. the tax situation of these two companies.

These recent measures have had a considerable three-fold impact, believes CinéAtlas Holding, in particular an impact on the financing of film production, an impact on the emergence of new players in the sector (tax inequity is the main cause of unfair competition) and finally an impact on the tax revenues of the countries which reacted (VAT, IS).

For the MENA region, the same source believes that it represents considerable growth potential for these Californian SVOD operators, who do not currently pay any tax in this zone.

Regarding Morocco more precisely, CinéAtlas is sounding the alarm and emphasizes that without any reaction from the authorities, it is at least 1.2 billion dirhams that will escape local taxes and investment in 2025.




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