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Cindy McCain takes over as head of WFP at critical time for food security

Cindy H. McCain joined the UN World Food Program (WFP) this week as the new Executive Director. Outlining her priorities, she cited increasing WFP resources and improving the agency’s efficiency.

Ella on occasion alerted that the world is facing an unprecedented food crisis that requires the Rome-based agency to urgently mobilize more resources, innovate more and develop ambitious new partnerships.

“We also intend to develop partnerships and innovation to bring modern solutions to those who need them most,” said the one who has held the position of United States Ambassador to the three United Nations agencies since 2021. Rome.

Cindy McCain, who succeeds former South Carolina Governor David Beasley, said one of her first actions will be to set up an innovation task force, bringing together the best minds from the public and private sector to recommend measurable initiatives and actions to fight hunger.

43 million on the brink of starvation worldwide

Cindy H. McCain takes the helm of an organization that last year provided food aid to a record 158 million people around the world.

His assumption of office comes as food insecurity persists at unprecedented levels in 2023, with conflict, economic shocks, weather extremes and rising fertilizer prices continuing to disrupt food production around the world.

“Hunger is skyrocketing, resources are dwindling dangerously and ration cuts are to be expected if we don’t have the money to provide food to those who need it most. Without these funds, we simply will not be able to feed as many people,” the widow of Senator John McCain said in a statement.

More than 345 million people across the world will face crisis levels of food insecurity in 2023, nearly 200 million more than at the start of 2020. Of these people, 43 million are on the brink of starvation.

Partnerships to reverse the food crisis

The new Executive Director believes that no single organization can solve the problem of world hunger alone and that global cooperation is essential to save the millions of lives at risk.

“We need even closer collaboration with our partners to reverse this unprecedented crisis…Today we ask new friends, especially from the private sector, to join us. The world must not turn its back on the hungry,” she said.

As U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Agencies in Rome, Ms. McCain has seen WFP operations first-hand, traveling to Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Zambia, Tajikistan and Madagascar over the past 12 months.



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