China supplies Wing Long 2 drones to Morocco and Algeria

China supplies Wing Long 2 drones to Morocco and Algeria

The People’s Republic of China recently decided to simultaneously provide drones ” Wing Long 2 in Morocco and Algeria, despite a situation of arms race between these two countries.

According to the Spanish site Defense“, specializing in military news, satellites revealed that Algeria has started using Chinese Wing Long 2 type drones for reconnaissance missions. The same source adds that the reception of these drones by Algeria coincides with the delivery of a similar batch to the Kingdom of Morocco last April, which is already operational.

Compared to the previous version, the Wing Long 1, this upgraded version of the Chinese drone has unique capabilities, including the ability to carry 12 bombs and laser-guided shells, as well as a flight endurance of up to 20 consecutive hours.

According to security expert Mohamed Akdid, Algeria’s acquisition of the Wing Long 2 drones is mainly aimed at gaining support from China to join the BRICS group, some members of which have so far refused entry. ‘Algeria. In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsAkdid also points out that the Algerian army wants to overcome internal criticism linked to its dependence on a single market, namely Moscow.

The expert believes that China adopts a positive position vis-à-vis the Sahara conflict, which strains relations between Rabat and Algiers, while Algeria seeks to divide the kingdom. He points out that China seeks to outperform all players with great intelligence, which manifests itself in the sale of the Wing Long 2 drones to Morocco and Algeria.

On the other hand, Morocco has succeeded mainly in diversifying its military partnerships and does not concern itself with other parties, since its weapons are intended to ensure the security and protection of its national territory, the same security expert claims. He points out that Algeria may use these Chinese drones in the future for purposes other than preserving regional security, and that time will tell all.

In conclusion, the article of Defense stresses that Algeria has the right to diversify its military partnerships and strengthen its defense and attack arsenals, which constitutes a legitimate right. However, this should never be directed against Morocco, which has so far shown wisdom in this equation.

The article also claims that Algeria’s acquisition of the Wing Long 2 drones does not reflect a significant threat or superiority, but rather an attempt to offset Morocco’s military, especially aerial, advantage.


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