Cheb Khaled’s illegitimate son arrested by police after harassing his ‘father’

Cheb Khaled’s illegitimate son arrested by police after harassing his ‘father’

Famous Algerian singer Cheb Khaled called the police on July 3 to have his illegitimate son arrested at the Beur FM radio station.

According The Parisianthe performer of the famous song Aisha allegedly called the police around midnight near the studios of the Beur FM radio station in Charenton-le-Pont, rue du Nouveau-Bercy, to arrest his illegitimate son.

The 27-year-old son, who was never officially acknowledged by Khaled, allegedly harassed the 63-year-old Rai singer.

Earlier in the evening, the son, who goes by his father’s surname, attempted to meet Cheb Khaled at the studio but was refused entry. He got angry and tried to enter the premises of Beur FM, but without success, according to the French press.

Before leaving, he took photos of Cheb Khaled’s Porsche and made threats of vandalism. The police arrived at the scene, arrested him and took him into custody. However, he was quickly released.

According The Parisianthe son said he came to the radio station ” to talk to him and denied harassing her father“. He claimed to have won a trial and pointed out that he was Khaled’s son, also claiming that people had been sent to threaten him.

The son, who claims to be a journalist, has made efforts to prove his relationship with the famous Raï singer. He appeared on the TPMP show in February 2022, during an episode devoted to the hidden children of celebrities. He presented DNA tests and photographs as evidence of his legal victory to establish his paternity link with Cheb Khaled.

On social media, he uses Khaled’s last name. However, the singer refuses to recognize him as his son. The latter even faced charges of domestic violence from his ex-wife, who is the mother of his illegitimate son. Currently living in Luxembourg after remarriage, Cheb Khaled has only recognized one son.

Born in Oran, Algeria, Cheb Khaled has remained relatively discreet in recent years. In 2022, he released a new album titled “ Cheb Khaled to commemorate thirty years since his debut in 1992. On July 1, he posted a new duet online titled “ Diamonds and Gold with Chawki.


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