Chariot Unveils 2022 Final Results

Chariot Unveils 2022 Final Results

The British company specializing in oil and gas exploration, Chariot Limited, has just released its 2022 results for its flagship gas exploitation project, Anchois, located in the Lixus offshore license area off Larache. The company thus intends to accelerate the future development of Anchois with a view to bringing it into production quickly.

Since the completion of the Anchois-2 drilling campaign, Chariot has been working on a field development plan. According to a company statement detailing the final audited results for fiscal year 2022, initial development calls for three producing wells, including a re-entry of the Anchois-2 well, with multi-zone completions to enable gas recovery. through several stacked sands.

It should be noted that the system has been developed keeping in mind the capacities for future expansion, in order to facilitate the connection of future additional wells.

Thanks to the identification of the targets of the O sand reservoir at Anchois, this step can already be envisaged through simple and profitable exploration activities (deepening of wells and pilot holes) combined with the development drilling campaign, to assess the 754 billion cubic feet (approximately 21.35 billion cubic meters) of best-estimate 2U gas resources remaining to be found in the field“, indicates the same source.

The production wells will be complemented with an associated SPS (Subsea Production System) infrastructure that will monitor and collect the hydrocarbons produced by the wells for delivery to onshore facilities. The hydrocarbons produced by the wells will be routed to onshore facilities via a subsea pipeline.

Onshore, the Central Processing Facility (CPF) will process hydrocarbons for the delivery of processed gas and condensates to market.

Following the increase in field resources, the initial capacity was increased from 70 mmscfd to 105 mmscfd (Gas Unit of Measure). Detailed design studies have been completed for this facility and operation and maintenance proposals for the first years of operation after gas commissioning have been provided, ” which will allow a smooth transition between construction, commissioning and normal operation, giving priority to Moroccans in terms of operating personnel“, says Chariot.

In addition, the British company has announced that from the CPF an onshore gas pipeline will be built to connect to the GME at valve station M21. This pipeline is directly connected to the anchor gas suppliers, with a connection agreement already in place and negotiations regarding gas transportation and ancillary agreements underway.

Subject to funding, the next technical steps in the development of the Anchois field will be the award of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts for the various components of the project and certain commercial proposals have already been requested, underlines the same source.

And to add: The application for an exploitation concession with the Moroccan government is also under discussion, which would give the company the rights to market the gas for an initial period of 25 years, extendable for another 10 years.“.

This concession request is further supported by the Field Development Plan (FDP), which is in the final stages of discussion within the Lixus Offshore joint venture.


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