Chakib Benmoussa delivers the details

Chakib Benmoussa delivers the details

The gradual generalization of the teaching of the Amazigh language in the primary cycle, scheduled for the start of the 2023/2024 school year, was announced this Thursday, June 1 by the Ministry of National Education. The ultimate objective is to generalize this teaching to all schools by the start of the 2029/2030 school year.

It was during a press conference organized this Thursday at the end of the Government Council that the Minister of National Education, Chakib Benmoussa, communicated several details concerning this measure, such as the number of establishments where the Amazigh language will be taught and the number of teachers trained for this purpose.

The Minister thus indicated that a roadmap had been drawn up with a view to generalizing the teaching of Amazigh in the primary cycle from 2023/2024. He pointed out that currently, 1,066 primary schools teach Amazigh, benefiting 330,000 students“.

Our goal is to reach, by 2030, 12,000 establishments capable of teaching Amazigh, or 4 million students. We have charted a course to reach these numbers and hope to achieve our goals by 2026” , did he declare.

The Minister also announced the extension of the network of establishments teaching Amazigh from the next school year 2023/2024, while increasing the number of specialized teachers.

There are specialized teachers as well as others who master several languages. With regard to specialist teachers, we used to have 200 per year, we are now at 400 per year. We will continue this momentum“, he clarified.

As for teachers mastering several languages, their number was initially low, according to the minister.

We plan to recruit 1,500 to 2,000 teachers per year with dual language training. This will help achieve our goals. The idea is also to make an annual assessment of the progress made and to expand the network of establishments teaching Amazigh.“, he concluded on this subject.

It should be recalled that this initiative is part of the application of the provisions of the Constitution of the Kingdom, in particular article 5 which establishes Amazigh as the official language of the State. It is also in line with King Mohammed VI’s interest in Amazigh as an essential element of authentic Moroccan identity, rich in its linguistic diversity, and a heritage common to all Moroccans, the ministry said in a statement. communicated.

This gradual generalization is also in line with the legislative texts on the implementation of the official character of the Amazigh language, framework law 51.17 and the government roadmap 2022-2026.


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