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CDG organizes its first 2022 webinar around water management issues

The CDG Institute organizes, Wednesday, May 18, its first webinar 2022 under the theme: “The mobilization of unconventional water at the heart of the national water security system”.

Morocco has recorded undeniable achievements in its water sector management policy, particularly in terms of mobilization of surface water by large dams, irrigation and widespread drinking water supply in urban areas and almost universal In a rural area.

Today, water demand in Morocco is greater than the available quantity of annual renewable freshwater resources, estimated at 22 billion m3, representing less than 650 m3 /inhabitant/year against 2500 m3 in 1960.

Projections for 2030 decline to less than 500 m3, hence the need to act urgently to ensure Morocco’s water security To meet this increased demand for water and thanks to the National Water Plan (2020-2050 ), Morocco has accelerated the massive use of non-conventional water resources, in particular through the desalination of sea water for coastal areas lacking or recording a deficit in conventional water resources and the reuse of treated wastewater.

Also, in its conclusions, the Special Commission on the Development Model called for a reform of the water sector, particularly on issues of governance and financing of the sector.

As an increasingly scarce and shared resource, water offers less benefit to all if each user acts only in their own interests.

Tackling today’s serious water management issues, including the effect of climate change with episodes of repeated droughts and devastating floods, overexploitation of groundwater, water pollution and the growing need for efficient infrastructure will require innovative, coordinated and collective responses.

It is in this spirit that this webinar will allow rich and instructive exchanges around recommendations for courses of action to initiate, to pursue, to amplify around the questions: technological, for the development of unconventional waters, ecological, for an appreciation the environmental impact of the use of these waters, financial, to face the heavy investments necessary, institutional organization, to guarantee a real integrated management of the sector.





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