Casablancans made aware of waste and waste management

The holy month of Ramadan is marked by significant food waste within Moroccan families. In figures, 45.1% of families throw away some 600 DH of food during this month, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM). This wastage follows the increase in waste, which remains a headache for managers.

In this sense, the Local Development Company (SDL), Casa Baia, has decided to launch an awareness campaign on food waste and waste management.

Indeed, within the framework of the annual program Clean Thursday“, Casa Baie has decided to organize, every Thursday of this holy month of Ramadan, rigorous and complete awareness days which will aim to raise awareness among the citizens of the metropolis on two essential components for the protection of the environment, Learn about food waste and waste management.

To do this, Casa Baia has decided to mobilize its teams with anti-waste and cleanliness devices in order to ensure the cleanliness of Casablanca, avoid throwing away large quantities of food while guaranteeing good management of the volume of waste. produced during this holy month. An operation that takes place in close coordination with the Municipality of Casablanca and the local authorities.

Initiated under the slogan ” Ramadan Mubarak Nadif“, the awareness campaign launched by Casa Baia includes several actions including the distribution of plastic bags to the inhabitants of Casablanca, the dissemination of messages on social networks and animations on the ground. To encourage citizens to join, the company has also launched a competition, accessible on the website.

A detailed work program for this month of Ramadan has also been designed by the two companies responsible for urban cleanliness and household waste management, namely ARMA and AVERDA Casablanca.

This program consists of explaining to citizens the measures and actions to adopt to make the waste collection process even more efficient.



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