Casablanca visa applicants complain before Italian embassy

Casablanca visa applicants complain before Italian embassy

Several Moroccans residing in Casablanca have been protesting over Schengen Visa delays before the Italian embassy.

These individuals expressed their disconnect with the current application process, notably the long waiting time to receive answers from the embassy.

According to Visa Schengen info, these Casablanca residents are demanding urgent intervention.

After several attempts to “pressure” the embassy, nothing changed.

Most of the complaints are from people applying for work Visas, who are now unable to reach Italy despite securing work contracts in the European country.

Many countries are also facing the same complaints, especially France, who has been rejecting several Moroccan applications.

However, earlier this month, Italy declared opening a new visa service office to begin operating in February 2024.

So far, Italy has five diplomatic representative offices in Morocco.

The complaints go on, as Moroccans continue to voice their concern against this new form of “discrimination” which they have been struggling from for quite a while. 


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