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Casablanca Street Art Competition: Applications are open

Languages ​​of the South is organizing in partnership with the Art’Com Sup school the competition “ Street Art Casablanca »Open to all street artists in Morocco.

For several years, works of street art have been blooming on the walls of Casablanca. In the city center as well as on the outskirts, young people express themselves and reinvent the face of their city. Launched by Langages du Sud and Art’Com Sup, the ambition of ” Street Art Casablanca Is to promote the work of artists and the urban heritage of the city of Casablanca.

In a joint press release, Langages du Sud and Art’Com Sup indicate that the winners of the competition will benefit from free training offered by the Art’Com Sup school and will participate in the creation of several murals in Casablanca.

Each candidate will be able to submit their portfolio and CV between April 30 and May 22, and for the remainder of the competition, 50 artists will be shortlisted by June 15 at the latest.

The jury of the competition will be composed of Ed Oner, artist recognized on the Moroccan street art scene, Yoriyas photographer recognized internationally in particular for his work on Casablanca, Salah Malouli artistic director of the Sbagha Bagha festival, Mohamed Rahmo, founding member of the MadNess collective, Fadma Ait Mous sociologist, Zahia Benabdeljalil, director of the Art’Com school, David Bloc international gallery owner and Patricia Defever director of Languages ​​of the South let the organizers know.

The competition ” Street Art Casablanca “Is the first stage of the project” Street Art, a new energy for Casablanca in constant mutation »Initiated by Langages du Sud in collaboration with Ed Oner and Yoriyas. This project includes the competition, the creation of a beautiful book on street art in Casablanca and two exhibitions, one at the Hyatt hotel in Casablanca, the other in Chicago.

The ambition of the actors in this project is to involve young people from all Casablanca neighborhoods in the enhancement of this creative energy that animates the city, to encourage exchange and sharing in urban spaces, to support and know young talents in the Kingdom but also internationally




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