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Casablanca Stock Exchange: A month of November in decline

The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed the month of November sharply down, penalized by the poor performance of the majority of sectors, in particular “Building and Construction Materials”, “Banks”, “Telecommunications” and “Insurance”.

The monthly performance of the market shows that for the 21 sessions this month, the Masi, a global index made up of all equity-type securities, lost 3.47% to 13,085.38 points and the Morocco Stock Index 20 (MSI 20) dropped 3.78% to 1,063.03 points. These two indices thus reduced their annual performance (YTD) to + 15.93% and + 14.95% respectively.

The Madex, a compact index made up of stocks quoted on a continuous basis, lost 3.7% to 10,581.75 points (+ 15.15% in YTD) and the benchmark Environment, Social and Governance “Casablanca ESG 10 ”fell 3.79% to 979.6 points (+ 13.65% in YTD).

During this month, the Casablanca rating saw 18 sector indices end down, against only 6 up.

The index of “engineering and industrial equipment” showed the largest sectoral decline of the month (-17.05%), the increase of Delattre Levivier Maroc (+ 20.39%) not having been able to compensate for the downturn in Stroc Industrie (-30.2%).

The “Building and construction materials” sector plunged 7.7%, weighed down by all of its stocks, namely Jet Contractors (-8.61%), LafargeHolcim Maroc (-8.26%), Ciments from Morocco (-7.28%), Aluminum from Morocco (-6.11%), Colorado (-3.13%), Afric Industries SA (-1.15%) and Sonasid (-1.13%).

Also on the decline, the index of “Utilities” dropped 6.61%, that of “Participation and Property Development” fell by 5.83%, that of Insurance fell by 4.98% and that of “Beverages” by 4.75%.

Regarding Banks (-3.26%), with the exception of CDM (stable), all stocks showed gray. BMCI thus sold 7.16%, Attijariwafa Bank -3.5%, Bank Of Africa -1.02%, BCP -4% and CIH -4.01%.

As for the winners, the “Financing company and Other financial activities” sector offered the best monthly performance (+ 4.71%), ahead of those of “Forestry and Paper” (3.83%), “ Holding Companies ”(+ 2.42%),“ Oil and Gas ”(+ 0.54%),“ Electronic and Electrical Equipment ”(+ 0.13%), and“ Transport ”(+ 0.1%).

The overall volume of trade reached more than 2.88 billion dirhams (billion dirhams). By values, Itissalat Al-Maghrib was the most active instrument of the month with 329.28 million dirhams (MDH), followed by BCP with 293.33 MDH and Attijariwafa Bank with 235.4 MDH.

Regarding the market capitalization, it amounted, at the end of November, to nearly 674.66 billion dirhams.

The largest decreases were recorded by Stroc Industrie (-30.20%), Centrale Danone (-13.58%), AGMA (-11.13%), IB Maroc.com (-10.88%) and Involys (-8.89%). In contrast, the largest increases were recorded by Balima (28.16%), Delattre Levivier Maroc (20.39%), Salafin (14.29%), Unimer (+ 11.34%) and Cartier Saada (+ 7.41%).




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